Colophon was lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients.


Copy is created in John Gruber's Markdown. Layout and formatting uses the fantastic Bootstrap framework. Content and formatting are married through Haml and Sass, with Compass negotiating between Bootstrap's LESS backend and Sass's overwhelming extensibility. Sinatra ties all the wires together and looks good while doing it. Code and copy alike pass through Sublime Text, with some copy originating in WriteRoom. Photographs are managed using Aperture with occasional touch-ups in Pixelmator.


GamLight is hosted courtesy of Heroku. All the original code is available to fork on GitHub. Type is set using Typekit, mostly into the lovely FF Dagny Web Pro.


All original content here was either pounded into they keys of a first-generation Apple Intel MacBook Pro (c. 2006, an absolute never-say-die workhorse of a laptop) or passed through the lens of a Nikon D90.